Specialty Tags

thumb_DSC_0287_1024Our specialty tags, while exceptional for luggage, have many uses. Our customers tell us they use VisiTags on camera cases, professional lighting, golf bags, and personal laptop cases. With TWELVE characters of available text, VisiTags make a great gift for anyone in the family!

Bag Tags for Everything

Our shortest style is the Standard Style Tag which works well to label anything. The tag has a durable brass grommet with a 3/8″ diameter hole and uses a strong 120 lb. black cable tie to attach it to your bag.

Customized Luggage Tags

All VisiTag styles are customizable, either on one side, or two sides. With up to TWELVE characters on each side, the possibilities are endless.

Luggage Handle Wraps

While most luggage handle wraps go around a large part of the handle, the VisiTag wrap style wraps around a smaller portion so that you can use it on many types of bags. Our heavy-duty velcro will ensure the extra grip you need.

Secure Luggage Tags

When secure tags are what you need, nothing is stronger than our double-snap system. These tags have been tested with a bag weighing 65 pounds and still did not come loose when yanked, pulled and tugged.